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Technical Support

Our goal in the Technical Support department is to make the lives and business of our clients as technologically pain free as possible, which is why we take pride in our rapid response times, quick resolutions, and making sure to stay educated on the latest common issues and solutions experienced by clients.


We have standard support packages with optional modules to create a support and/or programming package that fits your needs and budget. Our packages can range from standard out of the box packages to a fully customized package, contact us today for more information.

Support Packages

Bronze:      8-5 PST M-F

Silver:         7-6 PST M-F 

Gold:          7-8 PST M-F

Platinum:   24/7 Support

Custom Packages - The following can be added to any of the above support packages for an additional monthly fee

  • Add a pool of modification hours to your support package

  • Additional Hosting and Network support

  • Customer support package for a specific timeframe

If you are interested in Technical Support through Gizmobile NorthWest:

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