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TIA Warehouse

Master your warehouse and inventory with the TIA Warehouse Software Suite. TIA Warehouse is available in 3 tiers: Basic, Premium, and E-Commerce. 
TIA Warehouse can be supercharged with our customized program modules. TIA Warehouse is a versatile system and can be customized to meet any needed solution.

TIA Warehouse - Basic

TIA Warehouse Basic for Android or iPhone is ideal for companies with a limited product range.  It allows for simple tracking of basic inventory.

Basic package features:


Setup and Manage Customer Accounts     



Setup and Manage Inventory                         



Basic Reports

TIA Warehouse - Premium

TIA Warehouse Premium has all the functionality of the Basic version plus real time inventory tracking, allowing you to manage every aspect of picking, receiving and shipping.

Premium package features:

Shipping and Receiving       


Load and Unload Truck

Lot & Expiration and Multi-Bin Aocation                  

Inventory Management with ability to show Qty on Purchase Order, Qty on Sales Order, Quantity on Hand, and Quantity Available

TIA Warehouse - Premium (E-Commerce)

TIA Warehouse Professional is designed for small to medium companies. Unlock the benefits of an Enterprise system without having to pay Enterprise prices. TIA Warehouse allows for versatility and improved accuracy. Orders can be taken directly in the system or take your orders through the web or from your phone and import them. Automatically process your imported orders and manage them every step of the way. With TIA Warehouse Professional the customizations allow for your business to design a system unique to you.

Standard Features:  

Purchase Orders:  

Auto generate PO based on needed items

Manage dropship items

Sales Orders:

Manage dropship items and setup cross-sell items to be auto added to orders

Manage manual payments and reviewed payments synced via a credit processing API


Ability to partially pack shipments and re-ship out of stock items separately

Ability to auto sync inventory adjustments as items are packed to be shipped




Ability to complete fast and accurate receiving via one-click receive

Ability to auto update unit cost and vendor sku changes when receiving items


Fully customizable reports, receipts, warehouse slips, and labels viewable in the application or vi browser at any location

Ability to export reports to a variety of common file types (text, word, pdf, excel)



Inventory Management:

Calculated fields to show items on order, available QTY vs QTY on Hand

Ability to create Kit items and Assembly items


Integrate with a varity of APIs for Credit Card Processing, Digital Store Front Syncing, and Shipping automation

Integrate with multiple shopping carts for syncing orders and inventory management.


Additional Modules:

QuickBooks/Accounting Package Integration

Integration with Shipping API

Auto Email/Print Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and Picking Slips

Combine TIA Warehouse Premium with our powerful TIA Route Pre-Sale mobile

application to create a seamless end to end system

Additional Features:

For more information:

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